Q & A

A – Slaughterhouse is an indoor Haunt  including a covered waiting area.

A – Pretty much nothing, No backpacks, No purses allowed.

A – NO photos allowed in the Haunt. You can take pictures outside while waiting in line or to and from the parking area.

A – NO flashlights, lighters, phone lights or lighting devices allowed in the Haunt at any time.

A – Yes, local police and sheriff are on the property at all times.

A – Yes, there are security cameras both in the Haunt and outside for the safety of the customers and our actors.

A – The actors are not trained to grab or hold onto you but may brush up against you or come in contact with you. (DO NOT touch the actors).

A – No, no food or drinks allowed in the Haunt or while waiting in line.

A – Yes, 2017 is the first year to open. New family members are being born every few years so rooms will be changed and added every so often (after all, a family does live there…..).