This fall prepare yourself for a terrifying haunted house experience in a REAL slaughter house!
34,000 square feet of Horror awaits you in Chippewa Lake Ohio! 

Oct 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27  hours 7:30PM – 12:30AM
last ticket sold at 12AM

Oct 28, 31 hours 7:30PM – 10:30PM
Last ticket sold at 10PM

The Chippewa Meat Factory opened its doors in 1948 by the Karver family as a leading slaughterhouse and meat packing plant in the area. However, it didn’t take long for strange rumors to surface about the odd family that operated the business.  Three generations of the Karver family worked and Lived at the plant and those souls that were unfortunate enough to work with them complained of there weird behavior.   Eugene Karver, the owner of the slaughterhouse had his entire family working at the plant including his wife, daughter, 3 sons and even his grandparents!  The other employees often spoke of how the Karver family always kept to themselves and hardly ever spoke.  Many people wondered if they even could.  Eugene’s 3 sons and daughter were all deformed causing many to wonder if they were the result of inbreeding!

Then in the 1980’s there was an alarming number of people disappearing from the Chippewa Lake area!  Though nothing was ever proven, the townspeople felt the Karver family were the ones responsible.  The Chippewa Meat Factory’s business started drying up in light of these rumors and by the end of the 80’s the Slaughterhouse had laid off all their employees. The Karver family finally closed the plant in 1990 and its been abandoned ever since.

But where did the Karver family go?  Well, the disappearances of local townspeople continued causing many to believe the Karver family are still in the abandoned slaughterhouse.  Waiting for more victims foolish enough to enter The Slaughter House!