This Halloween season prepare yourself for a terrifying haunted house experience in a REAL slaughter house!
Hollywood quality sets & professional actors.

Over 50,000 square feet of Horror awaits you in Chippewa Lake Ohio!

2019 Dates and Hours

Eugene Karver and his loyal family opened its doors to ‘Karver Meats’ in 1948, they quickly became the main meat-supplier for Chippewa Lake and other surrounding cities, numerous schools as well. As the family business thrived, many employees started turning up missing. Even though it was never proven,  gossip spread throughout the town that the Karver family was behind the disappearances.40 years later the factory mysteriously shut down and no one has heard from or seen the Karver family since, within the last few years rumors of mutated creatures spotted on the property have the local residents and law-enforcement terrified to approach it.”What dark secrets lie inside the Slaughterhouse and what became of the Karver family? Find out this fall season!